Are you hitting the spam folder?
Worse yet, are you even hitting the spam folder at all?
We can get your emails to the inbox!

Emailing can be very difficult, if not impossible, when you are mailing on poor IP space. Your inbox rate will be almost nonexistent and your deliverability will suffer as well.

Our IP Warming Service Will Get You Back To The Inbox

Our simple, yet effective, service will get you back to the inbox as quickly as one week. We send transactional emails through your servers. The messages that we send are positively engaged (ex: message moved from the spam folder to the inbox), thus increasing your domain and ip reputation. We now offer pre-warmed email servers.

Aside from IP Rehabilitation, our service also works well with new mailers trying to build a list of openers. 99.9% of new mailers struggle to keep their emails going to the inbox after a single mailing. Even after building a small list of openers, all subsequent emails end up in the spam folder. Even your original openers can wind up in spam. Utilizing our service will ensure that you are building a quality list, while hitting the inbox.

You are an email marketer. Your biggest concern is getting your emails to the inbox. The deciding factor on your emails getting to the inbox is your email server, specifically your email server’s domain and IP(s). As long as your subscribers are opening your emails and clicking the links in your email (and replying to your email), your reputation increases. This is ideally what you want to happen. It’s also what email providers like to see. This means that you are positively engaging your audience.

Email Marketing (without IP Oven's IP warming service)

This doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you’ll send out an email to your subscribers and it just doesn’t quite connect. They don’t open the emails, they don’t click the links, they delete the emails or, the absolute worst case scenario, they click “Report SPAM”. When they click the “Report Spam” button a few things start happening. First of all, your reputation starts to decrease. What this exactly means is that your IP score begins to drop as well as your domain score. This is bad, because now your emails start going to the Spam folder. At this point, your subscribers stop seeing your emails and have no way of increasing your IP/Domain reputation. You are stuck. No matter how well you write your emails, no matter what “tricks” you try, your emails just keep going to the spam folder. It all seems hopeless.

Email Marketing (with IP Oven's IP Warming Service)

That’s where IP Oven can help. When you signup with IP Oven, you will provide us access to your email server. All we need are your login credentials to your SMTP server. With this information, we are able to send safe transactional emails. With our pre-warmed SMTP servers, your emails will instantly go to the inbox. Subscribers are likely to mark emails as “Not Spam” (increasing IP/Domain score), mark the email as “Important” (increasing IP/Domain score) and reply to the email (increasing IP/Domain score). After a few days, your reputation (both IP and Domain) will begin to increase. An increased reputation means less email filtering and less email filtering means more of your emails going to the inbox.

About IP Oven

What TLDs does IP Oven work with?

We currently only work with Gmail.

How many emails can I send per day?

On the first day, you can send 1,000 emails. On the second day, you can send 2,000 emails. Doubling up each day.

How does IP Oven work?

We send transactional emails through your email server. Messages are positively engaged, thus increasing your IP and Domain reputation. We provide you with an SMTP server that has already been through a warmup with Gmail. Your emails will go to the inbox and quickly.

What do I need to get started?

All we need is access to your mail server. Specifically, your hostname, username, password, port, sending name, sending email and what type of MTA or SMTP you are using. It’s that simple! Nothing at all, we provide you with everything you need to get started emailing.

Do I have to do anything?

You don’t have to do anything at all. We do it all for you! We provide you with a warmed email server.Initially, all we need are your SMTP or MTA credentials.

Does it always work?

Our service works as long as you aren’t permanently blacklisted. If you’ve mailed to the point where you are getting 5xx errors back, you either need to reach out to the TLD that you are blacklisted with or change IPs/Domains. Also, if you are mailing SPAM while we are mailing, you can essentially render our services null. Our service works as long as you aren't sending SPAM.

My server has a lot of IPs, will IP Oven warm them all?

As long as your server is configured to swap out IPs, we can work with you. However, our service is geared towards a single IP/Domain. The general idea is to build domain reputation, so that adding new (cold) IPs to your configuration will result in hitting the inbox. We provide you with a server and a domain with 1 IP address that is going to the inbox with Gmail.

How long does it take for my emails to start going to the inbox?

As a general rule of thumb, it takes between 1-4 weeks to get your emails back to the inbox, depending on your current domain and ip reputation. If you've managed to get on an internal TLD blacklist, it could be 30-60 days before you are removed from those lists. We cannot control anything beyond mailing quality mail to increase your domain reputation. Your emails will go to the Gmail inbox from day #1.