Dedicated Email Server

We provide you with a dedicated email server that has been warmed up with a "High" Gmail reputation.

  • Your own dedicated pre-warmed IP address and domain
  • 100% guaranteed to inbox with Gmail email addresses
  • Server comes with a Good reputation screenshot from Gmail Postmaster Tools
  • Watch your click-through and open rates explode

How much can I send on the first day?

Send 1,000 emails the first day and double each day after that.

What do I get?

You get SMTP credentials to be used with any mail platform that you like. Specifically, you get 1 IP, 1 Domain and 1 SMTP server..

How can I maintain the good reputation?

Mail your clickers and openers, don't start out mailing new data. Also, send emails that your subscribers would be interested in.

What happens if my emails start going to spam?

The Server provided to you was pre-warmed and Gmail emails were confirmed to be going to the inbox. What you do with your server is your responsibility. Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds on orders.

Pre-Warmed SMTP Server

Dedicated and Pre-Warmed SMTP Server

  • Google Postmaster Screenshot
  • Pre-Warmed Sender (IP, Domain, Email, From Name)
  • Guarantee Gmail Inbox Delivery *
  • Unlimited daily sending **
  • Domain + IP with "high" reputation with gmail.

Monthly Cost: $250

* We provide you with an SMTP server that is going to the inbox in Gmail. We can't promise you that all your emails will continue to inbox, what your open rates will be, what your click through rate (CTR) will be, how much money you'll make or how many of your subscribers will click SPAM. We have no control of the content of the emails that you send, nor the quality of the list that you load. It all depends on how you utilize the service. If you are sending quality emails to your own list (that you own) you will have wonderful results. If you are blasting SPAM to a rented or purchased list, you will have terrible results. While this should be common sense, let there be no confusion; your actions will ultimately keep you in the inbox for the long term.

** We HIGHLY suggest ordering more servers if you are mailing high volume